The Duet Paradox

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Paranormal, Romance, Tragedy
Rating: PG-15 (For suggestive and coarse language, and heavy topics)
Type: Ongoing Serial, Fiction

A test on ‘unity’.

The boy who knew the hearts of the living.
The girl who knew the lives of the dead.
Now, two become one.

Nova, a 20-year-old young woman who can interact with ghosts, finds herself being possessed by Dante, a 25-year-old dead man with the power of empathy and psychometry. The possession is to last for 365 days — after which Dante will be sent to heaven to enjoy the paradise of afterlife.

But now, for these 365 days, the two of total opposites are forced to work together to handle their new complicated lifestyle. In addition to learning how to live together, they also have to deal with assisting the dead, resolving issues of their social lives, and learning more about each other.

All seems well, until Dante’s powers begin to interact with strange dark entities that desire for Nova… A desire, born from a decades-old grudge…