Main Party ~


Nova face only square


University student, 20.
She has had powers to interact with ghosts since she was young, and recently finds herself being possessed by Dante, a complete stranger. She was orphaned when she was five, and moved around the houses of different relatives before she finally settled with Joey and Lily. Because of the nature of her powers, she has learned to lie and put up a facade, something Dante despises.


Dante face only square


Spirit, 25.
He died in a car accident on the day before Good Friday, and finds himself stuck in Nova’s body. He has the powers to read minds, sense other’s emotions, and even the ability to see their memories, but because of their inconvenience to his sanity, he has learned to suppress them. An incident when he was younger caused him to grow quiet and hateful towards the world. Hates lies.


Spirit, appears 10 (chronological age 29).
Nova’s companion and self-proclaimed bodyguard. She died in a house fire and raged as an evil ghost until she met Nova’s brother. She can cause fires and burns to both Ghosts and living, which she uses to protect Nova. She is extremely childish, and despite her headstrong nature, is also prone to random distractions.

Matilda “Mattie”

University student, 20.
Nova’s classmate in one of her classes, and Dante’s younger sister. She has dreams of becoming a dancer, and as such doesn’t care much about university. Much like her brother, she is tired of her family’s dysfunctional nature.

Nova’s Family ~


Factory Manager, 56.
Nova’s legal guardian, who was best friends with Nova’s father.
Nova and her brother were left in his care, but he lost custody of them when the two children ran away for unknown reasons. He paid for Rigel’s funeral, but never bothered to ask if Nova would move back in with him, as he had always felt responsible for making them run away in the first place.


Apparels Sales Assistant, 56.
Nova’s legal guardian, Joey’s wife.
Kind and generous, Lily was eager to take Nova and her brother in when they were orphaned. She was the most upset upon Nova and Rigel’s disappearance, and spent a lot of time and effort to find Nova again upon hearing about the abuse she suffered. Without informing Joey, Lily invited Nova to live with them again, which Nova agreed.

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